Traits of a Great IT leader

Being an exceptional leader is about more than getting the job done. You’ve got to balance your team’s need with your goals and objectives as well as your emotions. You’ve got to think about things from other people’s perspective and sometimes do things that, while are in the best interest of the team, might not be great for you. While there a number of different leadership styles, the best leaders share some common traits.
Managing People in IT is Different
What it means to be an IT leader today is different from what is was 10 years ago. The command-and-control way of thinking has given way to an era of employee empowerment and engagement. Leaders need to understand that no one person can do it all, that the people they surround themselves with and how they manage them are the keys to their success.
While experts agree that most of what they do is part of people management 101, there are differences when it comes to IT. There aren’t many other areas that evolve as quickly as IT does and that can create unique challenges for an IT leader.


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