Sony will replace your faulty PlayStation 4

Sony has acknowledged the “blue light of death” issue among the newly released PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony America promises to replace every dead PlayStation 4 plagued by the defect..

According to Sony, there is also a small number of the dead consoles that were reportedly damaged while shipping.

Sony assured us that the “blue light of death” consoles are less than 0.4% of the total shipped consoles worldwide and there is no wide-spread defect that might cause further spreading. The combined number of flawed consoles (either by BLOD or damaged while shipping) is less than 1%. If true, this is indeed a very small failure rate compared to other console launches in the past.

So, Sony America is going to replace your dead PS4 with a new one. It will even send it with expedite shipping, so you won’t have to wait long. We hope Sony does the same in the rest of the markets, not just America.

We are just hours away from the official Xbox One launch. Let’s hope the RRoD (red ring of death) fiasco won’t happen again. It literally destroyed the entire first batch of Xbox 360 consoles over the first few years.



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