Tablet makers accused of overcharging for internal storage

Apple, Google, and Amazon have all been accused of marking up costs of additional storage options for their tablet offerings in order to boost their profits..

A report out of popular tech review site Which? indicates that manufacturers like Apple pay roughly £6 to manufacture a tablet variant with an additional 16GB of storage, yet charge £80 to customers – a markup of 1267%.

Google and Amazon also have similar extravagant markups for their Nexus 10 and Kindle Fire HDX tablets, charging and additional 70 and 40, respectively. Suspiciously enough, many tablet offerings like the aforementioned Apple and Google offerings come without microSD card slots to expand your onboard storage cheaply.

Which? recommends that buyers looking at tablet offerings this that have microSD card slots when shopping this season, as a significant amount of money could be saved via expandable storage options. Not only that, but you could expand to even larger storage as higher-capacity microSD card slots become even cheaper.



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