Christ As King

We know kings to be leaders who are in charge of territorially marked group of settled people, usually belonging to a particular clan, tribe, family or ethnic community. Kings are normally installed by virtue of their royal line. it is not a position open for contesting by the whole community. Few persons may qualify to be kings within each generation and there are born to be kings.. remember that Jesus too was born to be king – “He will be great… The Lord God will give him the kingdom of David, his ancestor, he will rule over the people of Jacob forever and his reign shall have no end” (Luke 1:31 – 33).

Kings are the highest power in a community and the most revered and honoured person of the land. But one thing about kingship, especially from the Bible, is that God appoints and anoints kings. before Israel became a monarchy it used to be a theocratic country, but since they wanted to be like other nations, God allowed them to have kings with Saul as the first. Today, we talk of the anointing of David as successor of Saul. Anointing was a necessity to prove divine election, approval and empowerment.

Beloved, on the other hand, although we have leaders who cannot be relied upon, you have Christ who is more than reliable who can bring you the peace the world cannot give , whose yoke is easy and burned is light. if you are a leader, amend your ways and rules wit a human heart and God’s spirit of true leadership. Christ the king must be your personal Lord and King so that his rule may set you free… REMAIN BLESSED!!!


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