iOS devices outstrip Android devices in online shopping during holidays

If you watched the recent Apple keynotes, Apple’s retort to the argument that Android devices are outselling iOS devices is that more people are actually using iOS devices as compared to Android devices. While Apple is known to blow things out of proportion in its keynotes, it’s not completely wrong on this.

According to data collected by IBM and Adobe while tracking Thanksgiving and Black Friday online shopping this year, they have come to the conclusion that iOS devices are far ahead of Android devices for being used to make these purchases.

According to IBM, who tracked 800 million US retail websites, iOS traffic accounted for 28.2 percent compared to 11.4 percent of traffic from Android devices. iOS devices also accounted for 18.1 percent of all online sales being made during these holidays whereas Android devices accounted for 3.5 percent. Note, these are sales made from these devices, not sales of iOS or Android devices themselves. Lastly, iOS users spent an average of $127.92 per order compared to $105.2 per order on Android.

According to Adobe, who tracked 400 million visits from over 2000 US retailers, iOS-based devices contributed to over $543 million in online sales compared to $148 million from Android devices. If you look at the tablet/smartphone split, iPad contributed to $417 million while iPhone contributed to $126 million from the iOS share. In Android, the smartphones contributed to $106 million whereas the tablets contributed to $42 million.

Granted, these numbers only take into consideration the US market, it does show the rather large discrepancy in the actual usage of iOS and Android devices, even though Android devices do outsell iOS devices in the US.



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