Samsung explains the camera on the Galaxy S5

We have talked about the ISOCELL sensor in the Galaxy S5 in the past, but there are also other aspects of the phone’s camera that Samsung is intent on talking about.

One of them is real-time HDR feature. This lets you see the an HDR version of the image live on the viewfinder, even before you take the photo. This gives an idea of how the photo will look like, even before it is taken.

Samsung is also using phase detection auto focus method on the S5 for quicker focusing instead of the traditional contrast detection method. On DSLRs, there are additional sensors below the mirror that are used for phase detection. I’m not sure how Samsung achieves this with a single sensor and they haven’t bothered explaining in their post. Anyway, phase detection is known to be much faster than contrast detection method, which is how the S5 manages to focus in just 0.3 seconds.

Lastly, Samsung talked about the new camera application, which has a simpler interface that lets you get in and quickly take a shot, which is what most people prefer to do.

You can read more about it in the post below.



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