New Samsung ads push Galaxy S III owners to buy the Galaxy S5


Two year contracts are the norm in the US, and Samsung knows that. The company also knows that many people who bought a Galaxy S III in 2012 are soon due to renew their service agreements, and it would like them to choose a Galaxy S5 this time around.

For the purpose of convincing Galaxy S III owners to upgrade to a Galaxy S5, Samsung has put up three video ads on its official YouTube channel. Each one focuses on a different area in which the new phone bests the old one.

That the Galaxy S5 would be better than the two-year old Galaxy S III in every regard is hardly surprising, however, for we do live in an incredibly fast-paced mobile world.

Samsung lays everything out, though. First, we get to see that the S5 has a higher-res camera than its ancestor, and apparently that means you’ll capture some amazing details in your pictures. HDR mode gets a shout-out too.

Watch clip 1

Next up, the screen. As you probably know by now, the S5 has a bigger and higher-res panel than the S III. It’s also water and dust resistant.

Watch clip 2

Finally, the Korean company is touting the improved performance of its newest flagship model. Oh, and the fact that its battery should last longer than that of the Galaxy S III.

Watch clip 3

It’s unclear whether these ads alone will persuade owners of the Galaxy S III to upgrade to the Galaxy S5 when their two-year contracts are up. But Samsung sure hopes so.


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